Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Myth of Disorganized Religion

Men complain about the ills of organized religion. But what person wants to live in a city, a state, a province, or country without government? And who plays a sport without a set of rules? Do not businesses conduct themselves with contracts to lay out the responsibilities of all involved?

A man said to his friend, "I love God, but I do not love His religion. I will worship in complete anarchy."

"Very well," his friend replied. "How will you do this?"

"I will pray to Him everyday," the man said, "but I will not go to church. I will honor Him in all that I do by living a good and honest life. And I will try to spread this to others, so that they too abandon organized religion for the freedom of my type of worship."

"I see," said his friend. "So you have told me where you will worship...anywhere but church. You have told me how you will worship...by praying to God each day and living a good and honest life. And you have stated that you will evangelize your type of worship to others. How is this not organized religion?"

Humans find meaning in laying down rules. Even atheists set rules for themselves on what they will not believe, how they will not worship, and how they will evangelize their message to others. Such an organized religion against God not only mocks them secretly, but their rules bind them to godlessness in a way that saddens the Lord.

Organized religion has not caused the ills of history. Misguided men and women following their wicked leaders blindly have caused these things. Do you want to prevent mankind's atrocities? Then question your leaders, doubt those who call for blood in the name of God, and think! But do not turn from the Lord, for that is a sure path to darkness.

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