Friday, January 11, 2008

The Snowflake

A snowflake drifted down from the sky. "Let me be a blessing to the world," the snowflake thought to itself.

It landed on a mountaintop where it was buried underneath several feet of snow. "I cannot be a blessing here," the snowflake thought.

Then as summer approached, the snow began to melt, and the snowflake turned into a drop of water that seeped down the mountain, into a stream, which fed into a river, which roared through the land, before becoming a small stream leading into the desert.

As the snowflake, which was now a single drop of water finally ended up in a small, murky pool in the desert, it said to itself, "Now I can never be a blessing. I am destined to dry up and disappear."

At that moment, a man stumbled across the arid wasteland, dehydrated and suffering. Upon seeing the tiny pool, he lay down and lapped up every single drop of water. Then he stood up, restored, and walked towards the Galilee and his destiny as the savior for all mankind.


Andrew Conard said...

Kyle - Thanks for this parable. The story of looking at the big picture. Nice!

Ryleen said...

I like this one.