Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Burn This Book!

I recently read about a really terrible idea - the Amazing Grace Baptist Church is sponsoring a burning of religious books and Christian music, including all versions of the bible except for the King James Version. (Here's an article about this event.)

Well, don't leave me out! I sent a copy to the Amazing Grace Baptist Church along with the following letter:

Dear Pastor Marc,

I heard about your book burning, and figured mine should be right there with all of the others. To destroy so much of what God has commissioned by setting people out as evangelists is contrarian to everything that the Bible says. I really think this is a foolish publicity stunt you’re doing, but if you’re going to, burn mine too.

I’m saying a prayer for you and anyone who feels that what you’re doing is a good idea.


Kyle Holt
The Bible in Rhyme

I don't think my letter or any letter will change their minds. Let the burning begin!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

That is just wrong! I can't believe they are going to do that. It's churches like that that give Christians a bad name.

Good for you for writing a letter.