Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Rain

I was talking to some of the sales staff at our company today, and one said, "Do you want me to help with the admin stuff? I'm happy to do it, but..."

"If you help, you're not selling," I finished. "Sales people need to go out there and make rain. The rest of the staff is here to help you harvest it, but YOU have to make rain. So no, I do not want you to handle the admin piece."

Although it was a business conversation, this is so true related to the kingdom of God. Jesus sent out 72 disciples, in pairs, to go to the towns and share the good news. They were to go out there and make rain. They were to go out and sell what could not be bought and paid for.

That's a hard gig. Not everybody receives the gift of evangelism. But those who have it, need to use it. We have a society in which it's uncool to be a Christian. It's sketchy to have faith. It's weird to believe in the Lord almighty and Jesus Christ's resurrection.

I sometimes struggle to talk about my own faith because I'm worried about what someone might think. I need to reverse that. I need to worry about what God might think if I don't share His word.

Some have the gifts of administration and can harvest the crop. But for those of you who have the gift of evangelism, the ability to connect to people, and the thrill of closing that "sale" by sharing the good news, PLEASE USE IT!

I'm committing to using my tongue, my talents, and my time to better reach those who need God and the hope He has to offer.

Let's make some rain!

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