Monday, October 12, 2009

Keeping Score

Since The Bible in Rhyme was published, it's been really interesting as we try to keep score on how it's doing. We've kept track of downloads, sales, site visits, blog views, Amazon rank, rank, etc.

But I was reminded of John Ortburg's book It All Goes Back in the Box. He makes a great point that all the ways that we keep score - money, houses, cars, status...and yes, Amazon Rankings - don't count in God's eyes. He wants to see how we have worked for the betterment of those around us, and for our communities as a whole.

My hope with The Bible in Rhyme is that it will open up the scriptures to someone who needed it, who would not have otherwise read the Bible, and to people who were looking for another way to worship God.

I won't stop looking at my Amazon ranking. I won't stop keeping track of how many books I have sold or given away. I can't. Because no matter what, that IS a way that we keep score, and a game with no score is no fun. But I am going to commit myself to look at the score in a different way. I need to remember that it's not how fast the score can be run up. It's how many people can I reach with God's word.

We are not to put our lamp under a bowl and hide it. We are to shine it to the world. And when we do, we are supposed to remember how to keep score the right way. If I falter, I hope God helps me remember why it is that I'm doing this...for God's glorification, not my own.

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